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B.A . School of Philosophy, Univ. of Athens, 1970


Dipl. Soc. School of social and Economic Studies, University of East Anglia, U.K. 1977


PhD Social Philosophy-Sociological Theory, Univ. of East Anglia, U K, 1988




Research Interests


•  Ancient Greek Philosophy-Plato, Hellenistic Philosophy

•  Social Philosophy

Recent Publications(1992-April 2000)




"E.Durkheim's classical Background: Some views on ancient Philosophy and Society", in Philosophical Inquiry , 1992, n. 12, 1-2, v. xiv, 39-51(in English)

•  "T. Parsons' Views on K. Marx and Communism" in Political Philosophy Today , Kardamitsa Publ. 1994, 93-100(in Greek)

•  "The cosmological Views of Ancient and Middle Stoa under the Light of modern cosmological Theories", in K. Boudouris(ed.): Hellenistic Philosophy , Athens, 1994, 151-76(in Greek)

•  "Ontological Foundations of Stoic Cosmology" in Proceedings of International Conference, Trochalia Publ., Athens , 1994, 165-73(in Greek)

•  "Stoic Views on Reason and their Influence on Philosophers of European Enlightment: Some Considerations", in Dodoni v. ╩─, 3, Ioannina, 1995, 109-118, also in Hellenic Philosophiki Epitheorisis v. 12, 36, 1995, 191-218(in Greek)

•  "Spyros Kyriazopoulos and ancient Greek Philosophy", Dodoni, v. ╩┼, 3, 1996, 149-56.

•  "Elements of sociological Functionalism in Plato's social-political Thought", in K. Boudouris(ed.): Platonic political Philosophy , Athens, 1997, 50-63(in Greek)

•  "Stoic Influence on Galen's medical and philosophical Thought" in K. Boudouris(ed.):

•  Philosophy and Medicine , Athens, 1999, v. I, 95-113(in English)




Posidonius and ancient Stoa:A Contribution to the Study of Stoic Philosophy, Univ. of Ioannina, 1998



T.M. Robinson, Univ. of Toronto " The defining Features of mind-body Dualism in the Writings of Plato", transl. In Greek, Dodoni, v. ╩Ă, part 3, Ioannina, 1998, 73-92


Conferences(1994- April 2000)



•  E' Panhellenic Conference on Political Philosophy Today, Rethymnon, May 1992

•  Conference on the Philosophy of Epictetus, Preveza, June, 1994

•  Scientific Meeting of the Seminar of Philosophy on the memory of S. Kyriazopoulos, Ioannina, 1995

•  Panellenic Interdisciplinary Meeting on honour of E. Bitsakis on Philosophy, Sciences and Politics, Ioannina, May 1996.

•  Sixth Panellenic Symposium of Latin Studies, Ioannina, April, 1997

•  B Olympic Meeting, Olympia, November, 1999




•  Fifth Congress of Greek Philosophy -on Political and Social Philosophy of Aristotle , Ierissos, August, 1994

•  Sixth Congress of Greek Philosophy - on Reason and Philosophy , Samos, August, 1995

•  7 th Congress of Greek Philosophy-on Platonic political Philosophy , Athens-Samos, August, 1996

•  A' Conferenceof South African Society for Greek Philosophy and the Humanities, Pretoria, April, 1997

•  9 th Congress of Greek Philosophy- on Philosophy and Medicine , Kos, August, 1997

•  Conference of the International Association Cosmos and Philosophy , Sparti, 1997

•  10 th Congress of Greek Philosophy -on Philosophy and Ecology , Samos, August, 1998

•  Conference of the International Plato-Society, Toronto, August, 1998

•  11 th Congress of Greek Philosophy-on Philosophy and Fine arts, Lesbos, August, 1999